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Females with foreign back ground give birth to on average 2.1 kiddies

Females with foreign back ground give birth to on average 2.1 kiddies

The most index that is used for fertility may be the total fertility price (TFR). This figure shows how numerous kiddies a lady would offer birth to calculatorily during her life if age fertility that is group-specific stayed just like into the 12 months by that your calculation is situated. In 2011, the fertility price in Finland ended up being 1.83, or slightly under two kiddies per girl. This figure is calculated from all females of fertility age belonging towards the populace of Finland, this is certainly, all ladies of Finnish and origin that is foreign total.

The fertility that is total of women of international beginning is slightly more than among Finns. Between 2007 and 2011, this figure ended up being, on average, 2.09 for ladies with international back ground, although it had been 1.84 for women of Finnish beginning.

The typical when it comes to total fertility price is determined for the instance nations of history for the years 2007 to 2011, because annual variations are big for such tiny variety of individuals. The figure had been biggest for females with Somali history, 4.00 kids. The figure ended up being 2.08 for females with Thai back ground, exactly like the figure that is total ladies with international back ground. The fertility that is total for females with Russian background, 1.73, ended up being less than that for ladies with Finnish back ground. These numbers act like the people earlier determined on such basis as the mother’s nation of delivery (Statistics Finland 2012a). (more…)

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