US Trade Watchdog Sues Over $13 Bn Altria-Juul Vaping Deal

US Trade Watchdog Sues Over $13 Bn Altria-Juul Vaping Deal

The united states trade watchdog stated Wednesday it had sued Altria and Juul over a $12.8 billion e-cigarette deal which presumably breached laws that are antitrust.

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the businesses produced sequence of agreements that eliminated competition surrounding tobacco giant Altria’s acquisition of the 35 per cent stake in Juul, the once high-flying vaping brand name.

“for quite a while, Altria and Juul were rivals looking for closed-system e-cigarettes,” the FTC stated in a declaration announcing it had filed a complaint that is administrative the set.

“By the conclusion of 2018, Altria orchestrated its exit through the e-cigarette market and became Juul’s biggest investor,” included Ian Conner, through the FTC’s bureau of competition.

“Altria and Juul switched from rivals to collaborators through the elimination of competition and sharing in Juul’s earnings.”

The owner of Marlboro and other leading cigarette brands, slashed the value of its stake in Juul as the e-cigarette company faced lawsuits and a regulatory crackdown in late January, Altria.

Altria announced the $4.1 billion write-down on its Juul investment, which observed a comparable move around in October that whacked $4.5 billion from the value on its publications.

Altria in belated January further slashed the worthiness of their stake in Juul picture: AFP / EVA HAMBACH

The tobacco giant announced the $12.8 billion deal for the 35 per cent stake in Juul in December 2018, an occasion when Juul’s e-cigarette business ended up being regarded as a promising endeavor to counter poor interest in conventional tobacco products. Continue reading “US Trade Watchdog Sues Over $13 Bn Altria-Juul Vaping Deal”