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Why you have intercourse longs for your individual trainer

Why you have intercourse longs for your individual trainer

Obsessed with your own personal trainer? A psychologist describes why.

They usually have a human body to perish for, they appear good in ripped singlets (the fantasy), they generate you are feeling such as the only individual in the field, as well as if you’re in a committed relationship, you can’t have them down the mind… actually, they may also come in your intercourse dreams. Awkward.

It seems like a plot twist in a daytime TV drama – or even the opening lines of a Mills & Boon – but that you might have realised‘ I fell in love with my personal trainer’ returns more than 2 million results on Google and is a phenomenon far more common.

I am talking about, everybody knows somebody who is low-key enthusiastic about their latin brides PT (it may even be you… that’s why you’re scanning this, is not it?! ) exactly what can it be about those breathless one-on-ones that incite such strong feelings? (more…)

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