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2 yrs ago, dating application OkCupid was the darling for the world that is creative. The brand’s “DTF” campaign from Wieden + Kennedy ny twisted the initial meaning of the acronym with a large number of brand brand new sayings made to go dating far from simply hookups. The campaign—a that is bold for OkCupid, created in 2004—significantly boosted buzz, produced declaration, and received both praise and scorn. Some transportation authorities rejected a few of the advertisements or even the entire campaign, just like the Chicago Transit Authority.

Regardless of the campaign’s success, OkCupid maybe surprised some by going the project-based account from W+K ny to Mekanism in July. Based on OkCupid’s international CMO Melissa Hobley, the brand name ended up being “attracted to Mekanism’s human anatomy of work,” including that the brand name needed “to continue steadily to be bold” and that “‘DTF’ signals that we’re going to have some dangers.”

OkCupid is throwing down 2020 featuring its very first campaign from Mekanism’s nyc office, “Ask Yourself,” which continues the tradition of bold design and wordplay that is clever. (more…)

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