New Cambodian Casino Ignites ‘Border War’ With Thailand

 New Cambodian Casino Ignites ‘Border War’ With Thailand

A brand new Cambodian casino on the border with Thailand has provoked a strange border stand-off between your two countries.

A shot of this new casino just before its opening on April 7. It probably still appears great deal like this, head you, since both Thais and Cambodians are barred from visiting it.

Since it’s illegal for the residents of both countries to gamble in casinos, the Saitaku Resort and Casino, which started weeks ago at the Chong Sai Taku temporary edge crossing in Cambodia’s Ban Kruat district, had been relying on attracting each of its footfall from across the edge in Thailand.

This seemed like an audio company plan, until Thai authorities, on the night of the casino’s soft opening on April 7, prohibited their citizens from crossing the checkpoint to check out it.

Therefore, we have a beautiful brand new casino that no one, or at least no one born within a huge selection of miles from it, can actually visit.

In retaliation this week, Cambodian authorities banned unique citizens from crossing the border to visit Thailand.

This stalemate is damaging the continuing company for local tradesmen on both sides whom depend on cross-border activity due to their livelihoods. Santi Uthumporn, mayor of the tambon Chanthop Phet Municipality in Ban Kruat district, told the Bankok Post that trade had plunged from several million baht a week to almost zero.

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