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Yes, we got hitched in Mexico! Wedding in Mexico: our experience

Yes, we got hitched in Mexico! Wedding in Mexico: our experience

This post may be of use if you are planning your wedding in Mexico, no matter whether you are marrying a Mexican or a foreigner for you. Getting hitched in Mexico, where you’ll get married in Mexico and Mexico City and exactly how does a conventional wedding that is mexican like – all that and much more you will discover on this page.

Our wedding in Mexico City: arranging every thing within just 14 days

We got hitched regarding the 29th of our Mexican wedding took place in Mexico City december. We been able to arrange a marriage simply within just 14 days and were able to get most of the documents prepared. Let me make it clear a bit about our wedding first then I’ll give out some basic methods for engaged and getting married in Mexico, e.g. Where, whenever and exactly how.

Mexican wedding: our tale. Why engaged and getting married in Mexico? Papers getting married in Mexico

Our love tale started a little more than 2 years ago, in cool and Edinburgh that is windy money of Scotland, whiskey, and bagpipes. We had been both learning for the Master Degree in the University of Edinburgh (different majors, though) and somehow our paths crossed at a friend’s of friend’s party that is b-Day some pupil accommodation on Cowgate. (more…)

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