19-year-old Ukrainian woman sells virginity for $1.3mn on ‘Cinderella Escorts’ web site

19-year-old Ukrainian woman sells virginity for $1.3mn on ‘Cinderella Escorts’ web site

Ekaterine enlisted as Katya on German prostitution internet site ‘Cinderella Escorts’ has offered her virginity for $1.3 million up to a Munich businessman

A notorious German prostitution internet site ‘Cinderella Escorts’ works as a platform, which boasts of offering a girl’s human anatomy for because high as $4 million. Prostitution is legal in Germany. With its latest, a 19-year-old Ukrainian woman enlisted as Katya on Cinderella Escorts has offered her virginity for over $1.3 million. In accordance with her, she will make use of the cash to visit across the global globe and experience luxury.

The 19-year-old Katya, whoever genuine title is Ekaterina, is initially from the town of Kharkiv in north-eastern Ukraine, but presently lives in the usa. In December, the web site read that she promises to offer her virginity for no less than $11,000.

The dog owner has fitness that is various throughout European countries

This week, the website has verified that she had offered her virginity to a businessman that is 58-year-old Munich, for $1.3 million. Her buyer is said to be the master of different physical physical fitness studios throughout European countries, everyday Mail reported.

The bid that is second-highest of1.1 million originated from a brand new York attorney, even though the third-highest ended up being from the Tokyo singer, who offered her significantly more than $880,000. Katya promises to make use of the cash on travel and luxuries. Her customer in addition has wanted to marry her and support her financially with a month-to-month spending plan of $11,000.

She had earlier admitted that dating spanish women the choice to offer her virginity had not been a simple one, “for the reason that is simple it really is irreversible”. “but it is a win-win situation. The decision between losing my virginity to somebody i enjoy, and also to have forfeit forever my opportunity to win the million is hard”, she stated. “However, i do believe the likelihood is greater that you’ll regret maybe not accepting the funds, because the next boyfriend will likely keep you sooner or later”, she further included.

” by the end of the afternoon it really is my own body, my choice and also the best decision for me”, she states in a movie published from the prostitution web site.

How can it work?

The web site is run through the bed room of 26-year-old Jan Zakobielski in the moms and dad’s house in Dortmund, Germany. To be noted on Cinderella Escorts’ deals, girls need certainly to show a physician’s certification confirming their virginity. An asset of at least $11 million is what it takes to be registered on the website, as a customer for a potential buyer.

A bidder wanting to purchase an associate’s virginity must submit a 10 % deposit to make sure it’s a ‘serious offer’. In case there is greatest bid, the client needs to pay 40 % associated with add up to Cinderella Escort, ahead of the meeting, the rest of the is compensated a short while later. 20 % associated with total quantity goes to Cinderella Escorts.

The conference between your customer while the vendor, though, occurs in Germany, where prostitution is appropriate.

Other situations

In February, this past year, an Azerbaijani model Mahbuba Mammadzada (23) offered her virginity for around $2.7 million to an unnamed Japanese politician. Likewise, A us that is 19-year-old model her virginity to an Abu Dhabi businessman for around $3.9 million and called the purchase “a kind of emancipation”.

The 24-year-old Lia reported to have offered her virginity up to a Tory politician in their fifties, for $1.5 million.

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